Nordic growing conditions, the unique climate and clean soil are ideal for cultivating high-quality oats. The freezing winters, enormous amount of light in summers and clean waters provide them with special qualities. Our pure, large oat grains are loaded with valuable nutrients and are easy to process for the use of several industries.

During the winter, temperatures in Finland are freezing and the soil is frozen. This extreme season and cold temperature generates a tough environment for harmful pests. This is one of the reasons why the Finnish soil is pure and the nature is clean.

Finnish summer is short, and very intense. Daylight can last even 20-24 hours per day in the midsummer. The vast amount of light makes Finnish growing conditions truly exceptional.

Finland has 187 888 lakes, and the purity of our water is recognised throughout the world. Many sources claim it to be the cleanest water in the world. Clean water is important so the Finnish oats can grow in optimal conditions.


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