Fazer Mills is a forerunner in developing innovative B2B and B2C oat solutions. It’s a never-ending process, which runs on passion. Many products can be made from oats, including treats such as porridge, bread, muesli, granola, snack bars, drinks… just to name a few. Our expertise is to help you to find the exact right ingredients for your products. We have developed several award-winning consumer products both under our own brand and in collaboration with our customers.

The consumption of oats has been a growing trend and the boom can be noticed in several product categories. In addition to bakery and breakfast products, oats are used more and more e.g. in non-dairy applications, plant-based food solutions, sports nutrition, snacking products, confectionary, food supplements and even in cosmetics.

Fazer Mills offers a wide range of different raw materials from oats. Our state-of-the-art technology and world-class expertise enable producing oat products with different qualities to use in several end-product types. Today, the versatile oats selection covers oat products from groats, flakes, flours and brans to oat oil, protein and beta glucans high in protein.

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