The story of Nordic Oats


Oats are close to our hearts – and our mills. Fazer Mills are surrounded by Nordic oat fields. Thus, we have the best possible access to the cleanest oats possible, grown in the unique climates of Finland and Sweden. 


Oats offer sustainable plant-based solutions to different applications in food and beverages. Fazer Mills has operated its oat mill in Lahti since 2013. Our modern production facilities enable producing several types of oat products with different properties such as size and thickness. Today, our versatile oats selection covers approx. 80 different oat products from wholegrain oat flakes, flours, groats and brans to added-value ingredients such as oat protein and beta glucan. We can also make tailor-made products to match your requirements.

The global demand for oats is growing rapidly, and currently our products are exported to scores of countries worldwide. Fazer has invested heavily in manufacturing of oat products in recent years. Our oat milling capacity was doubled the first time in 2017. Now we have doubled our milling capacity again. With this expansion we will secure our place as one of the leading oat millers in Europe.