Oats are natural superfood and oat beta glucan has cholesterol lowering and heart health claims authorized in EU. Our special ingredients consist of products with high beta glucan and protein content, fine flours and oat oil. They are based on a Finnish innovation and patented, cutting-edge technology. These special ingredients can be added in different food applications to boost their nutritional contents and improve the positive health effects. They are excellent ingredients for breakfast products, smoothies, drinks, food supplements, biscuits, snack bars and cosmetics.

Oat beta glucan is ideal for baking and great for hearth health and the well-being of the stomach. It gives you long-lasting energy, is all natural and doesn’t contain soy, dairy or residues and is very easy to use in a manufacturing process.

Oats protein is an effective plant protein source, that can be used to enrich foods and drinks. It’s low on fat and has excellent nutritional content.

Oats oil can be used as a natural way to add oats benefits to cosmetic and personal care products, as it moisturises and soothes the skin. It also strengthens hair and helps to reduce signs of ageing.