Consumption of oats has been a growing trend globally, and oat products are in high demand particularly due to oats' proven health effects. The EU has approved health claims related to the benefits of oats in terms of heart health, blood sugar, cholesterol content and digestive health.

1st claim

The beta-glucan in oats helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels (Article 13).

2nd claim

Consuming the beta-glucan in oats as part of a meal helps to limit the increase in blood glucose levels after the meal and evens out major fluctuations in blood sugar levels (Article 13).

3rd claim

The beta-glucan in oats reduces blood cholesterol, which in turn reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases (Article 14).

4th claim

The fibre in oat grains promotes digestion. Oats increase the amount of mass passing through the digestive system, thereby facilitating intestinal movement. Good digestion maintains health and helps prevents digestive diseases (Article 13).