Finnish oats are renowned throughout the world for their excellent quality. Finland is known for its unique climate, for the knowledge and skills of its farmers, and for the suitable soil and growing conditions. These elements make Finnish oats a powerful and sought-after product. We use Nordic oats in our products, and are proud to support our local contract farmers each year to help them get the most from their harvests.

Oats are close to our hearts – and our mills. Fazer Mills is surrounded by Nordic oat fields, so we always have the best possible access to the cleanest oats possible, grown in the unique climates of Finland and Sweden. The mill was originally founded to provide high quality grain to Fazer’s bakeries. Today, our Nordic oats are the most sought after in the world and they are imported to several countries worldwide. The demand grows by the day and we have already expanded our Lahti factory.

Fazer Mills is a forerunner in developing innovative products from oats. It’s a never-ending process, which runs on passion. Many products can be made from oats, including treats such as porridge, bread, muesli, granola, snack bars, drinks… just to name a few.

At Fazer, we have been recognised for our food and ingredients expertise for generations. Now we have utilised our generous supply of Finnish oats, applying traditional bakery heritage and innovative wind-shifting technology to a patented extraction process. We unlock the nutrient power of oats naturally without any GMO or chemical additives. With our technique we can make use of every part of the oats and separate good parts of the oats, which we then use to produce healthy products such as high quality beta-glucan, protein and oil.

Oats are megatrend in the world right now for multiple reasons: oats are healthy and gentle on the stomach. They not only taste wonderful, but also have heart-, cholesterol level- and digestive benefits. Wholegrain oats contain up to 11 % fibre, 15 % protein and 6-8 % of unsatured fatty acids. The proteins are nutritionally very valuable and have a good amino acid profile. So enjoy the delicate nutty flavour and the smooth creamy texture with a good conscience and a smile on your face.