Fazer Rye Fibre combines the health benefits of rye and fibre in an easy-to-use ingredient. Dietary fibre from rye allows the use of health claim article 13 Gut Health.

Fazer Ryefibre is all natural and solely based on plant material. Health benefits of rye are concentrated into one, easily applicable ingredient. The fibre is extracted from the rye kernel using an innovative and sustainable dry milling method. No solvents or chemicals are used in the process.

Rye fibre has several positive effects on well-being and it bears a health claim for gut health. Dietary fibre has several positive effects on well-being: it contributes to proper bowel function, helps maintain bowel health, lowers cholesterol levels and helps keeping hunger away and blood glucose levels stable.

In addition to fibre, Rye fibre contains many other health-promoting, bioactive substances such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in a condensed form. Fazer Ryefibre offers an especially balanced combination of water-soluble and insoluble fibres which are needed for well-being. 

Our rye fibre can be added to a wide range of products to add fibre and nutritional value without compromising the taste. It is available in different particle sizes and can be added bakery products, supplements, drink mixes, muesli mixes.