Oat Beta Glucan is a superfood with high fibre and plant protein content. Read more and boost the nutritional content of products with this effective ingredient.

Oat beta glucan is natural superfood

Our Oat Beta Glucan products offer you a completely natural way to add the health benefits of oat to a wide range of product applications: pasta, drink mixes, smoothies, breakfast cereals, snack bars, bakery products, supplements and more.

  • Excellent nutritional content, good source of natural soluble fibre
  • High in beta glucan, protein and dietary fibre
  • Neutral taste and natural colour
  • Easy to use in a manufacturing process
  • Suitable for various products (different particle sizes for varying applications)

We use a patented process to deliver the purest, most nutrient-rich and neutral tasting Oat Beta Glucan made from Finnish oats. We export our products to scores of countries worldwide. Contact us to hear more!

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Health benefits of oats

Oat fibres (oat beta glucan and oat grain fibre) have four health claims authorised in EU related to heart health, lowering cholesterol levels and digestive health benefits. See the official claims here.