Oats are natural superfood and its beta glucan has four health claims authorised in the EU. Fazer Aurora Oat Beta Glucan is an effective ingredient for pasta, drink mixes, smoothies, breakfast cereals, snack bars and bakery products.

Fazer Aurora Oat Beta Glucan is Fazer Mills’ oat-based solution using a patented natural dry fractionation process to deliver the purest, most nutrient-rich and neutral tasting end products. It's completely natural way to add oat benefits to wide range of foods, drinks and supplements. Our Oat Beta Glucan’s clean and natural taste makes it an ideal way to incorporate the goodness of oats into a product to support health claims.

  • Recognised heart, cholesterol level and digestive benefits
  • Easy to use in a manufacturing process
  • Different particle sizes for varying applications
  • Clean tasting with a neutral colour

See how to use Fazer Aurora Oat Beta Glucan in different applications: Fazer Aurora Brochure