Oat rice is a side dish made from tasty and prime Nordic oats. Read more how to use nutritious grain in your meals!

Fazer Mills' Oat rice s is processed for effortless use. Unique process combining gentle physical and hydrothermal treatment gives the product several benefits. It shortens the cooking times remarkably compared to untreated grains, while retaining the great nutritional values of food grains. This process also provides a pleasant taste and smooth mouthfeel. In a nutshell: Oat rice combine great nutritional value with a nice structure!

This easy-to-use and nutritious grain is excellent choice for every meal. It is suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets. Serve Oat rice as a side dish like rice or add in several classic recipes like risotto, pies or casseroles! 

Oat rice

  • Tasty product made from Nordic oats
  • Can be used as a side dish like rice, or in a wide range of recipes e.g. in risotto
  • Rich in fibre and protein; 100 g Meal oats contains 9,1 g dietary fibre and 14 g protein
  • Easy and convenient to use; cooking time 8 min

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