Fazer Mills is the leading oat mill in the Nordics offering a wide range of different oat products. Our portfolio covers several oat flakes, flours, groats and brans to use in several end-product types.

The consumption of oats has been a growing trend globally, and oat products are in high demand particularly due to oats' proven health benefits. Fazer Mills’ modern oat mill enables producing oat products with different qualities such as size and thickness. The package sizes are 20-25 kg paper bags and big bags (500-1000 kg) and many of the products are available in organic form.

Wholegrain oat flakes/rolled oats

Wholegrain oats can be used in a wide range of products from bakery and breakfast products to non-dairy applications, plant-based food solutions and snack products. We have the following wholegrain oat products available as standard products:

  • Pressed Oats (O 2000 P)
  • Muesli Oat Flake (O 2000 MF)
  • Jumbo Oat Flake (O 2000 JF)
  • Jumbo Instant Oat Flake (O 2000 JIF)
  • Thick Oat Flake (O 2000 TF)
  • Rolled Oat Flake (O 2000 F)
  • Instant Oat Flake (O 2000 IF)

Oat flours and powders

We produce oat flours and oat powders with different attributes. Our portfolio includes whole grain oat flours and endosperm oat flours. We help our customers in determining which type of flour or powder is most suitable for their products. We have following oat flours and oat powders available:         

  • Oat Endosperm Flour (OEF)
  • Oat Flake Flour (O 2000 FF)
  • Whole Grain Oats Fine Powder (O 2000 FP)
  • Oat Kernel Flour (O 2000 KF)

Oat groats

Oat groats are widely used around the world. Our oat groats are always dehulled and heat-treated oats, which can be used in many different end products.

Oat brans

Oat brans and oat bran flours are excellent for adding dietary fibre to different products. We have oat brans available also as flour.

  • Oat Bran (O 4000 B)
  • Oat Bran Flour (O 4200 BF)

Organic oat products

  • Organic heat-treated oats (O 2000 BIO) 
  • Organic heat-treated steel cut oats (O 2000 SC BIO)
  • Organic pressed oats (O 2000 P BIO)
  • Organic muesli oat flake (O 2000 MF FIO)
  • Organic jumbo oat flake (O 2000 JF BIO)
  • Organic thick oat flake (O 2000 TF BIO)
  • Organic rolled oat flake (O 2000 F BIO)
  • Organic instant oat flake (O 2000 IF BIO)
  • Organic oat flake flour (O 2000 FF BIO)
  • Organic oat bran (O 4000 B BIO)

Which of our oat products matches your needs best? Contact us and let's discuss more.