Oats are natural superfood and its beta glucan has cholesterol lowering and heart health claims authorized in the EU. Our modern oat mill enables several types of oat flakes with various qualities like size and thickness.

Fazer has invested heavily in manufacturing of oat products in recent years. Our oat mill in Lahti was opened in 2013 and its capacity was increased only a few years later. In 2015, Fazer patented an innovative technology which enables producing added-value special ingredients from oats. Now we are dublicating our milling capacity again and project will be ready by the autumn 2021.

Fazer Mills’ modern oat mill enables producing oat products with different qualities (such as size and thickness) to use in several end-product types. Today, our versatile oats selection covers oat products from groats, flakes, flours and brans to special ingredients such as oat beta glucan, protein and oil. The package sizes are 20-25 kg paper bags and big bags (500-1000 kg) and many of the products are available in organic form. Get known our value-added special oat ingredients here.

Our state-of-the-art technology, the golden Nordic oat fields combined with superior expertise guarantees the highest quality oat products. Unleash the natural power of oats together with us. 

B2B oat products

  • O 2000 (Heat-treated dehulled oats)
  • O 2000 SC (Steel cut oats)
  • O 2000 SD (Side dish oats)
  • O 2000 P (Pressed oats)
  • O 2000 MF (Muesli oat flake)
  • O 2000 JF (Jumbo oat flake)
  • O 2000 SP (Small pressed oats)
  • O 2000 TF (Thick oat flake)
  • O 2000 F (Rolled oat flake)
  • O 2000 IF (Instant oat flake)
  • O 2000 FF (Whole grain oat flour)
  • O 4000 B (Oat bran)

Organic oat selection

  • O 2000 BIO (Organic heat-treated oats FI-EKO-201)
  • O 2000 SC BIO (Organic heat-treated steel cut oats FI-EKO-201)
  • O 2000 P BIO (Organic pressed oats FI-EKO-201)
  • O 2000 MF FIO (Organic muesli oat flake FI-EKO-201)
  • O 2000 JF BIO (Organic jumbo oat flake FI-EKO-201)
  • O 2000 TF BIO (Organic thick oat flake FI-EKO-201)
  • O 2000 F BIO (Organic rolled oat flake FI-EKO-201)
  • O 2000 IF BIO (Organic instant oat flake FI-EKO-201)
  • O 2000 FF BIO (Organic oat flake flour FI-EKO-201)
  • O 4000 B BIO (Organic oat bran FI-EKO-201)

Some other flake sizes are available in addition to the products above. Ask your sales manager for more details! We also manufacture products in consumer packaging under several brands. Please contact us for more details.