Xylitol is a sweetener produced from xylose, which is found in various trees and plants, e.g. birch, beech, corn and berries. As a raw material, xylitol offers healthier options and has therefore potential for product development. In addition to the food industry, xylitol can be used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, for example.

  • Industrial production of xylitol started in Finland in 1972
  • Turku University studies proving the dental benefits of xylitol were published in 1975
  • The most popular xylitol products are confectionery products, especially chewing gum
  •  Fazer is the only Finnish xylitol chewing gum manufacturer
  • Xylitol has 40% less calories than sugar being sugar free but as sweet as sugar
  • Xylitol has approved EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) health claims
  • The daily use of xylitol is recommended by many dental associations and regulatory bodies around the world to reduce the risk of caries

Benefits of xylitol

  • Sugar free, reduced calorie and non-cariogenic
  • High sweetness levels – as sweet as sucrose
  • Excellent cooling effect – enhances mint and fruit flavours & provides impact and added freshness to a wide variety of products
  • Can be used in a variety of confectionery, cosmetic and pharmaceutical formats
  • Sugar free chewing gum entitled to dental health claims 
  • Supportable and unique dental properties
  • Made of natural plant based raw material
  • Antibacterial properties and prebiotic effect
  • Low GI (glycemic index) effect – suitable for diabetics
  • Increases saliva production and helps to prevent dry mouth
  • Offers excellent potential for future product development