Are you searching a bread improver that gives the bread a freshly baked feeling for 5 to 6 days? Fazer Mills’ Master Fresh Tuner brings incredible softness and resilience for both bread and sweet baked goods.

Our top bread improver innovation, the Master Fresh Tuner, can be added to any existing recipe to give your baked goods instant and long-lasting freshness, moistness and resilience – without a single E-code. In addition to wheat and multigrain baking, this powerful and versatile tuner suits perfectly also rye bread due to enzymes that can operate in sour environments.

Master Fresh Tuner can be used either alone or as a booster with another bread improver to give intensive impact on increased fresh feeling. The dosage recommendation for this product is 1.5-2.0 % of flour weight. 

Why to choose Master Fresh Tuner?

  • Your baked goods will feel freshly baked after 5-6 days after baking
  • This same tuner suit for all kinds of baking: wheat, multigrain and rye baking
  • Gives amazing results for both bread and sweet baked goods

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