We have discovered the secret to plump rye bread that stays soft for long. Fazer Mills’ new Super Rye Improver (SRI) is an effective improver for rye baking that is free of artificial additives.

SRI challenges our previous rye improvers with its characteristics: it effectively increases the product’s volume and grants an excellent fresh feel for a long period of time.

SRI works in all kinds of rye breads, from 100% rye to doughs including wheat. SRI can be used in all types of rye breads – from loaves to sliced bread – but we especially recommend trying it for baking sliced bread.  The recommended portion of Super Rye bread improver is 1.5– 2.0% of the flour volume. Turn to us for more information and order a sample!

Why use the Super Rye bread improver?

  • Bread retains its fresh feel for days
  • One improver for all kinds of rye breads

SRI graafi_GB.png

Graph 1: The change in bread softness of a bread containing 70 per cent rye and baked with the SRI improver compared to similar bread baked without the improver. Review period of 14 days.

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