Fazer’s patented innovation, Fazer LOFO™, decreases the FODMAP content of bread by more than 50 % compared to reference products.

Fazer Mills’ innovative bread improver contains the Fazer LOFO™ enzyme which efficiently decreases the fructan content in grain products. Fazer LOFO™ is the world's first patented enzyme-based solution that provides a low-FODMAP feature for wheat and rye baking.

The origin of this enzyme is the sourdough of Fazer’s first low-FODMAP rye bread and its specific lactobacilli. Fazer’s R&D discovered that the sourdough contained the fructanase, an enzyme with unique feature. This enzyme breaks down the wheat and rye fructans during the breadmaking process and decreases the FODMAP content.

Fazer LOFO™ has proven to easily decrease the fructan content by more than 50 % compared to reference products in straight-dough baking processes. Fazer LOFO™ improver is suitable for different types of bread and does not change the taste or other key properties of a final product. It is as easy to use as any bread improver, just add 1–3 % of flour weight to the recipe and bake your bread as you are used to.

Fazer LOFO™ Improver

  • The world’s first patented enzyme-based solution for low-FODMAP baking
  • Clean label improver
  • Origins in Fazer’s natural rye sourdough and its specific lactobacilli
  • Proven to decrease fructan content by more than 50% in grain products/baked goods 
  • Dosage recommendation 1–3% of flour weight (depending on the product)
  • Does not impact taste or texture

What are FODMAPs?

FODMAPs are a group of fermentable short chain carbohydrates. The word FODMAP stands for Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, Monosaccharides And Polyols.