There is a growing demand for plant-based dairy products. Fazer Mills has now developed special solutions for the production of non-dairy oat drinks.

Our new Cut ‘n’ Sweet -package covers two enzyme combinations which both are needed in the process. This powerful enzyme package is free from E-codes and easy to use.

  • Oat Paste Liquidizer (OPL) is used for reducing the viscosity of heated oat-water mixture (converting the paste to liquid). The dosage recommendation is 1.0 % of the flour weight.
  • Oat Drink Flavouring (ODF) is added to the liquid for adjusting the sweetness of the drink. The dose respond varies from 0.5 % to 1.5 % of the flour weight, depending on the desired level of sweetness.

We have developed a variety of different oat ingredients that are suitable for several types of dairy alternatives. Our oat protein, oat endosperm flour and different wholegrain powder are easy to apply due to their fine particle size. Let us help to improve the taste and texture of your products!

Ask more about this enzyme kit as well as about the materials and the production process of non-dairy oat drink from our experts.