Bread improvers


Fazer Mills' know-how in bread improver technology is world-class. Increase the fresh feel, machineability, volume, shelf-life, softness, bite appeal and color of your baked goods with our wide variety of innovative bread improvers and tuners.

Innovative bread improvers

Bread improvers are enzyme and emulgator combinations that help you safely improve dough handling and ensure consistent results in bakery products. Fazer Mills produces improvers and tuners for all kinds of baking – organic, frozen, rich, sourdough and more. If our ready-made improvers don’t match your exact needs, we will tailor-make you a cost-efficient improver that does. Now all our bread improvers are produced without palm oil, read more!

All our improvers are developed by our specialist team and manufactured at our own mixing plant in Lahti, Finland. We have high quality standards and all of our raw materials are traceable one step back and forward to ensure product safety. We export our products to over 30 countries. Contact us to hear more.

We have world-class expertise in improver technology. See for yourself! Order a sample of our newest innovation – Master Fresh Tuner. This versatile tuner can be added to any existing recipe to give your baked goods incredible and long-lasting freshness, moistness and resilience – without a single E-code.

Support in product development

We pride ourselves in being there for our customers from start to finish, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any bread improver related questions. We know our products and their ingredients inside and out, and we support you at any stage of your product development – all the way from idea to test run. 

We offer you innovative quality products and all-around support, all in one bag. Challenge us to develop your next baking success story together with you!