Fazer Mills' wide bread mix selection includes products to suit every taste. Read more and explore our bread mixes assortment below!

We have extensive and versatile product portfolio including mixes for wheat, rye, oat and multigrain breads. Our premium artisan bread selection offers impressive and delicious artisan breads for both industrial production and artisan bakeries. All of our mixes are easy to use and create delicious products. Read more about gluten free bread mixes here!

Fazer Mills has profound understanding of the customer’s business and long history of doing business with leading bakeries. We can create customized solutions and we offer support services from idea generation to production ramp-up. Our own test bakery enables agile process in product development.

Portion bread mixes

  • KTSI Mix - Mix including oats and buckwheat (20 %)
  • Kaurax Mix - Oat flat bread mix
  • Lahti Mix - Mix for baking soft oat portion bread
  • Mystery Mix - Mix for 100 % oat baking
  • Root Mix - Soft portion bread mix including different root vegetables
  • Rye Flat Bread Mix - Rough mix for rye flat bread

Toast and tin bread mixes

  • R100 Mix - High-fibre mix for 100 % rye baking
  • Fiona Mix - Mix for wheat toast bread high in fibre
  • Oat Toast Bread Mix - A new mix for baking tasty oat toast bread with great volume, novelty!
  • Rye Toast Mix - Mix for rye toast bread high in fibre

Free formed bread mixes

  • 3 Viljan Mix - Budget price multi-grain bread mix with linseeds
  • 4 Kauran Mix - A new oat bread mix containing a lots of different oat grits (oat flake, flattened oat, oat bran, oat flake flour)
  • Fazer Leipämix - A crunchy mix for baking tasty multi-grain bread
  • Harvest Mix - Grainy bread mix with plenty of seeds and flakes
  • Kaurapellava Mix - Oat bread mix with flax seeds
  • Mallasleipä Mix - Aromatic malt bread mix, novelty
  • Monivilja Mix - Multi-grain bread mix
  • Multi Mix - Includes plenty of corn, oats and seeds
  • Multiseed Mix - Grainy bread mix with several seeds
  • Tumma Fazerleipämix - A malted bread mix with seeds

Artisan bread mixes

  • Country Mix - Ciabatta-style rustic bread mix, contains millet
  • Oat Rustic Mix - Artisan-style oat bread mix with plenty of oats)
  • Pane Avena Mix - Mix for tasty oat ciabatta
  • Rustic Mix - Artisan-style wheat bread mix, includes wholegrain wheat
  • Rye Ciabatta Mix - Special rye ciabatta mix including roasted flattened rye