With our high quality mixes of sweet baked goods you complete your product assortment in a sweet way.

Our mix selection of sweet baked goods covers different muffins, pies, cakes, cookies and yeast doughnuts. All these mixes are easy to use and create delicious products. Our standard offering covers the following produts:

Cakes, muffins and pies

  • Brownie Mix - Juicy chocolate muffin/pie mix
  • Fazer Suklaamuffins Mix - Chocolate muffin mix
  • FMCA Mix - Versatile pie/cake mix
  • Kauramuffins Mix - For baking delicious oat muffins/pies
  • Sitruunamuffins Mix - For baking fresh and tasty lemon muffins
  • Spelt FMCA Mix - Rustic cake mix including wholegrain spelt flour

Doughnut and bun mixes

  • Berliner15 Mix - Silky yeast doughnut mix
  • Munkki Mix - Versatile yeast doughnut mix, can also be used with salty fillings
  • Oat Cake Doughnut Mix - A unique and tasty novelty for baking lactose free cake doughnuts containing 50 % oats
  • Pullax Mix - Bun/yeast doughnut mix

Cookie mixes

  • Chocolate Cookie Mix - American style cookie mix, both light and dark chocolate cookies
  • Oat Cookie Mix - Sweet oat cookie mix
  • Oat Snack Bar Mix - For healthy oat snack bars, includes different oat fractions