Sustainable sourcing is one of the focus areas on Fazer’s sustainability work. Sustainable sourcing means that we continuously develop the basic requirements for all our suppliers while paying extra attention to selected raw materials, such as palm oil.

All palm oil used by Fazer is certified sustainable palm oil. Fazer is committed to using only RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified palm oil. Our ambition is to use only Segregated palm oil by 2024. This statement covers Fazer Group, including all countries and product categories.

Fazer is constantly putting R&D efforts to develop sustainable and healthy food products. In the future, Fazer will investigate ways to increase the use of fats, oils and other ingredients with better environmental footprint and nutritional quality than palm oil. 

Fazer Mills uses only palm-oil-free raw materials. Our product development team made a significant effort in developing recipes where palm oil has been replaced with rape seed oil. From now on all our improvers are free from palm oil.

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