Join our international webinar on oat and plant-based food solutions for the future!

Name: Oat and plant-based food solutions for the future
Time: Wednesday 9th February 2022 at 9.00– 10.30 am, CET

The superfood oats are booming worldwide. In 2021 Fazer doubled its oats milling capacity in Finland and Sweden, making us one of the leading oat millers in Europe.

Warmly welcome to Fazer Mills' webinar on the latest trends and insights on oat and plant-based solutions!

Topics and keynote speakers
  • From local flour mill to leading plant-based player in Northern Europe
    Oats are at the heart of Fazer’s growth strategy. Today Fazer Mills produces oats and other grain products in Finland and in Sweden with high technology, innovative team and increased capacity. Oats are being sourced from the nearby and sustainable Nordic farmers.
    Jarkko Arrajoki, Managing Director, Fazer Mills

  • Future outlook for plant-based food and consumer trends
    Presents the changing landscape of plant-based from a consumer perspective; a look at the shift in consumer behaviour, drivers and future themes in plant-based food.
    Emma Raaschou, Director Consumer Insights, Fazer Group & Fazer Lifestyle Foods​

  • Fazer's plant-based food innovations
    Presents the key questions for the food industry to answer to ensure future food supply and actions Fazer is doing to address these. We also take a look at Fazer’s approach to plant-based innovations with some examples.
    James Dedman, VP, Head of Fazer Foodtech​, Fazer Lifestyle Foods


About Fazer Mills
Fazer Mills is a milling company belonging to Fazer Group (group net sales 1,1 billion euros in 2020). We have two mills located in Finland and Sweden, which oat milling capacities were doubled in 2021. This expansion made us one of the biggest oat millers in Europe, and today our products are exported to 40+ countries. In addition to a wide range of oat products, we also manufacture baking mixes, bread improvers, special ingredients, flours, and wide range of consumer products. We focus on providing high quality grain products from the best raw materials.