Oats are close to Fazer Mills’ heart. We produce a wide range of oat products to use in several end-product types. Meet our oats and the rest of us at Biofach eSpecial digital event 17.-19.2.2021.

We are the Oats House offering a wide range of different oat products. Our state-of-the-art technology and strong expertise enable producing oat products with different qualities to use in several end-product types. Today, the versatile organic oats selection covers oat products from groats, flakes, flours and brans to added-value ingredients such as oat oil and beta glucan.

We have operated our oat mill in Lahti since 2013. Oats are close to our hearts and our oat products are exported to scores of countries worldwide. The global demand for oats is growing rapidly and we are now doubling our oat milling capacity by the end of 2021. With this expansion we will secure our place as one of the leading oat millers in Europe.

We deliver the highest quality oat products supported by our experienced and passionate staff. Unleash the natural power of organic oats with us.

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