Oats provide a never-ending source for innovations and offer sustainable solutions to different applications in food and beverages. Join our inspiring presentations at the Hi in the Spotlight online event to hear more about the growing oat markets and to get ideas for your oat portfolio.

Consumers are really keen on oats of Nordic origin. The consumption of oats has been a growing trend and the boom is evident in several product categories. In addition to traditional bakery and breakfast products, oats are used more and more e.g. in non-dairy applications, plant-based food solutions, sports nutrition, snacking products, confectionery, food supplements and even in cosmetics.

Fazer Mills participates in the Health Ingredients in the Spotlight online event both as an exhibitor and as the presenter of a series of webinars. Our webinars present the market trends of different oat applications as well as our offering and how oat ingredients can be used in different end-products. We also take a closer look at the quality aspect and other key points to be considered when choosing an oat supplier.

All about Oats: Inspirational Ideas

In this presentation we will take a look at different oat product categories. New innovations are made weekly. Consumers are getting more and more demanding as the number of options grows.

We aim to give insight on how to apply oats as a raw material to these new innovations. With some imagination and understanding of oats, there are endless opportunities in creating oat-based products.

Presentation time: Monday 14th June at 15:00 CEST

All about Oats: Makings of Oats

Oats provide a never-ending source for innovations in food, beverages, and cosmetic applications. We have noticed a boom in launching novel oat-based foods, such as drinks, spoonable snacks and meat replacement products. All these products need quality ingredients and innovative processes.

At Fazer Mills Finland, oats are processed into a wide range of different ingredients for various applications. We use several cleaning steps and treatments to guarantee the purity of our oats. All this is done for you to enjoy safe, tasty, high-quality oats which are the best for your product and process.

Presentation time: Tuesday 15th June at 10:00 CEST

All about Oats: Buyer's Guide

How to secure the quality of the oats being purchased? How to validate the supplier? What are the differences between hundreds of oat products? In this presentation, we will give tips on how to make sure you purchase quality raw materials from a quality supplier. And above all, how to purchase raw materials that are suitable for your specific need.

Presentation time: Wednesday 16th June at 10:00 CEST


Please join our professional sessions to get inspired by the Fazer oats. Meet also our experts in sales and R&D throughout the whole online event 14.-18.6.2021. We will be excited to discuss opportunities for your business needs. Read more about the event and register here for free!