Fazer Alku Sadonkorjuupuuro (harvest porridge) has conquered the hearts of Finns. It was elected by the public as the Finnish Food Product of the Year 2015. 

According to the jury nominating the finalists, the Alku porridge is a smart pioneer of a porridge culture combining delicious taste and healthiness in a way consumers desire. Oat’s home markets are growing and, in addition, the grain has great prospects for exports.

Porridge is now trendier than ever and among the different grains, oats are the one growing in popularity. The Alku porridge range was born out of Fazer’s wish to create new taste sensations, including breakfasts. Fazer’s work resulted in an entirely new version of the beloved and familiar oatmeal.

"Alku porridges brought Fazer’s products to the porridge shelves in shops for the very first time. Thanks to our new product family, we managed to expand the porridge market, that is, increase the consumption of porridge. We feel this is an incredibly great achievement. Retail has also been eager to renew this traditional category,ʼ says Heli Arantola, responsible for Fazer Group’s strategy and mill operations.

The secret lies in Finnish oats and Fazer’s own mill

The purity of Finnish oats is valued all over the world and Fazer already exports oat products to more than 20 countries. The target is to increase the extend of value added to Finnish oats on export markets. The Alku porridge comes from Fazer’s own oat mill in Lahti, Finland. The large and thin oat flakes produce unique pleasure in the form of porridge.

ʻWe wanted to refine Finnish oats. We studied the porridge shelves and noticed that there was room for improvement in the taste and structure of porridge. People also wished they had porridge that was easy to use and quick to make in the morning. Our consumer insight helped us produce the Alku porridge that has conquered the hearts of Finns and created breakfast anew.ʼ

The winner of the contest Fazer Alku Sadonkorjuupuuro (“harvest porridge”), is the most popular variety amongst the Alku product family. This porridge has a rich and fluffy structure and seeds add to its delicious taste, making it more filling without any added sugar or salt. The Alku porridges are easy to cook. Also the porridge family’s fresh packages with peephole and spout have been praised by consumers. 

Heli Arantola is pleased that it was public voting that was used to determine the winner of the contest. ʻThis year’s five finalists were all very consumer oriented, having kept up with the times, which is an indication of the Finnish food industry’s vitality and know-how.ʼ

The Finnish Food Product of the Year 2015 contest was organised by the Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation and the winner was announced in connection with the Food Day event in the Messukeskus exhibition centre in Helsinki on 5 May 2015.

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