Fazer continues investing in Finnish oats and spends five million euros in expanding the oat mill in Lahti. Global demand for oats is rapidly growing and Finnish oats, especially, are in demand due to their high quality. The expansion of Fazer’s oat mill will be carried out in 2016-2017.

”Fazer constantly invests in Finland. We believe in Finnish oats and Finland’s bio economy. Growth in the demand for oats has been brisker than expected, so we are bringing forward the expansion of the oat mill and doubling its capacity. In addition to the five million euros now to be invested, we have previously invested 10 million euros in oats. During the past three years, Fazer has invested some 100 million euros in Finland, for example, in the new visitor centre in Vantaa and a liquorice line in the Lappeenranta confectionery factory. We plan to invest over 100 million euros in Finland during the next three years,” says Christoph Vitzthum, President and CEO of Fazer Group.

The expansion of the oat mill will double the amount of oats Fazer buys from Finnish farmers from the current 20,000 tonnes to40,000 tonnes. Depending on the crop year, the annual value of this is some six million euros. After expanding and increasing the capacity of Fazer’s oat mill, 114,000 tonnes of oats will be used in food production in Finland, of which Fazer’s share will be around 35 per cent. Due to the expansion, Fazer can further increase the number of employees at Fazer Mill & Mixes in Lahti and train more professionals for the mill business. In addition, the construction phase of the oat mill will employ 50 people in 2016 and 2017.

With the health and well-being trend, oats are on the increase worldwide. Especially their demonstrated health effects interest consumers. Half of Fazer’s net sales from oat products come from abroad, and they are exported already to over 30 countries.

Food production is bio economy also with regard to side streams. Fazer presses the oat husks generated as a side product in the flake process into briquettes at the same site in Lahti. Briquettes are bio fuel which is used to produce electricity and district heating.

Diverse use of oats

Fazer Mill & Mixes operates in the business-to-business market and has successfully exported bakery solutions internationally for over 20 years. In reply to the increasing demand for oats, Fazer built an oat mill in 2013 and launched the Fazer Alku porridges in 2014. The Fazer Alku Sadonkorjuupuuro oatmeal was voted Food Product of the Year in Finland in 2015.

”We have focused on processing oats further and this year, we presented an innovation which allows the separation of ingredients with proven health benefits, such as oat beta glucan, oat protein and oat oil,” says Heli Arantola who isresponsible for Fazer Mill & Mixes’ business. These added-value products can be used in the dairy, snack, food supplement and cosmetics industries, in addition to the bakery industry. ”We believe that the export market for Finnish top-quality oats and oat products will grow further,” says Heli Arantola.

Fazer Mill & Mixes in brief

  • Fazer Mill & Mixes, established in 1971, produces different kinds of grain products, such as flour and flake products and mixes for bakeries and the food industry.   
  • Fazer is the largest mill in Finland and represents the highest professional expertise in the mill business.
  • Fazer Mill & Mixes employs 70 people. The expansion of the oat mill will create new jobs.
  • In 2014, the net sales of Fazer Mill & Mixes amounted to 60 million euros.
  • The share of oats in Fazer Mill & Mixes’ total capacity is 13,000 tonnes in oat flakes. This investment will double this figure.
  • Fazer Mill & Mixes has export customers in 30 countries. Currently, over half of Fazer’s oat net sales comes from abroad.
  • The American Institute of Baking (AIB), an external certifying organisation well-known in the field, audits Fazer Mill & Mixes’ production process annually.  In 2015, the results of the audit were, once again, excellent.

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