Fazer is The Food Experience Company, aiming to grow in Northern Europe and beyond. Today’s conscious consumers value convenience and well-being and Fazer’s growth is based on in-depth consumer insight turned into innovative products and meaningful food experiences. Low-FODMAP is expected to become the next big thing in stomach wellness as the FODMAPs are recognised as a potential explanation for digestion-related symptoms. To support consumer’s quest for well-being, Fazer introduced in 2018 a unique enzyme-based solution that provides a low-FODMAP feature for baking. Now Fazer has launched its first bread novelty available at grocery stores in Finland to begin with, baked with the LOFO™ enzyme.

Successful R&D work based on consumer needs

Fazer focuses on fast-moving consumer goods and aims to strengthen its position as the leading FMCG-brand in Finland and to grow in Northern Europe and beyond. Increasing consumer-centricity and innovations are at the core of Fazer’s ambitious growth strategy. Fazer wants to offer sustainable solutions to support the well-being of consumers.

One of the recent innovations introduced by Fazer, is a unique enzyme-based solution that provides a low-FODMAP feature for wheat and rye baking. A low-FODMAP diet may be the solution to many digestion-related symptoms, and Fazer’s innovation offers consumers with gut symptoms a possibility to enjoy delicious fresh bread without the inconvenience that some consumers experience that the FODMAPs in traditional bread causes them. Now Fazer has launched the first product application with its LOFO™-enzyme in Finland.

The project dates back to the outcome of consumer research in 2011, leading Fazer’s R&D to find out that the so called FODMAPs are the root of many gut symptoms experienced by the consumers when eating bread. Fazer developed a technological solution and managed to develop a sourdough in which fructans (the FODMAP carbs in bread) were completely eliminated. The first lower-FODMAP rye bread based on this special sourdough was developed.

“We discovered that the sourdough and its specific lactobacilli contained the fructanase enzyme. The enzyme breaks down the wheat and rye fructans into a more easily digestible form during the breadmaking process,” says Head of Research Jussi Loponen from Fazer.

Fazer saw the enzyme’s potential and pre-launched the Fazer LOFO™ bread improver at the IBA 2018 exhibition, generating huge interest. The first product application for this enzyme has now been launched in Finland. This Fazer Vatsaystävällinen Pehmeä is the first stomach-friendly bread to be baked utilising the unique Fazer LOFO™ enzyme.

“We’re extremely happy that our long-term work is being commercialised. This is the point where a patented invention really becomes a meaningful innovation. I believe that the Fazer LOFO™ solution can address the needs of many consumers, and help them enjoy tasty and healthy bread again,” Jussi Loponen continues.

Low-FODMAP is expected to become the next big thing in stomach wellness

FODMAPs are poorly digestible short-chain carbohydrates that can cause digestion-related symptoms such as stomach pain, bloating, gas production and general discomfort.[1] FODMAPs are found in many common foods e.g. certain fruits and vegetables, but grains such as wheat and rye are also a significant source of FODMAPs. The main FODMAPs in bread are called fructans. Twenty per cent of consumers avoid bread for the sake of their stomachs, and FODMAPs are a potential, yet relatively unknown, explanation for this common wellness concern. Low-FODMAP products are therefore expected to become the next big thing in stomach wellness – a game changer in the market for baked goods for digestive well-being.

In the bakery market, low-FODMAP may be the next “gluten-free”. Scientific research increasingly reports that fructan, rather than gluten, is the wheat compound that triggers the unexplained symptoms that people with non-celiac wheat sensitivity may experience.[2] Compared to gluten-free bread, low-FODMAP bread has a superior and natural bread taste, texture and aroma – among the most important attributes of bread.

In addition, FODMAP carbohydrates often increase the symptoms of people with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). IBS is estimated to affect one in seven people globally.[3] One way to manage IBS symptoms is to follow a low-FODMAP diet. The results show that bloating, pain and flatulence were reduced when IBS patients were on a low-FODMAP diet.[4]

Fazer LOFO™ Improver
  • The world’s first patented enzyme solution for low-FODMAP baking
  • Clean label improver, non-GMO
  • Origins in Fazer’s natural rye sourdough and its specific lactobacilli
  • Proven to decrease fructan content by more than 50% in grain products/baked goods [5]
  • Dosage recommendation 1–3% of flour weight (depending on the product)
  • Does not impact taste or texture

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5 Source: For more information, please contact Fazer Mills (see below)


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