We develop food as a solution for a more sustainable planet and business. The way food is grown, produced and consumed impacts on people’s well-being, on the environment, and on society.

The food industry is transforming faster than ever before. This transition strengthens consumer trends and creates new expectations. Sustainability and responsibility have become a part of broader expectations, and key considerations when consumers make purchase decisions.

Sustainability is an important strategic theme embedded in everything we do at Fazer, starting from how the company is managed, to our operations and supply-chains, new product innovations and foodtech, marketing and branding campaigns.

To lead the food transition, we need to lead the sustainability and meet the increasing stakeholder expectations. We have analyzed how to best create and enable value and have defined four high-level ambitions that integrate and address current global trends and requests from our stakeholders. Our four new Sustainability Ambitions are:

Fazer Sustainable Grain Farming Principles

Fazer’s Sustainable Grain Farming Principles serve as a basis for active sustainability cooperation with farmers. The principles aim at minimising eutrophication and the use of chemicals while supporting resource efficiency and productivity.

The Fazer Grain Vision is part of Fazer’s Baltic Sea commitment. Fazer’s aim is for all of our grain in Finland and Sweden to comply with the principles of sustainable farming by 2025. Read more about sustainable farming principles here.