Quality guides everything we do. Apart from first-quality raw materials, quality shows in professional skills, service and ways of working. To demonstrate this, Fazer Mills has been awarded numerous certificates. In addition to AIB and FSSC 22000 certificates, we have also ISO 45001, Halal, Kosher and organic production certificates.

Assuring our own safety and that of our customers is important to us. Fazer Mills’ management is committed to maintaining a high level of quality and product safety. This includes securing the quality of the raw materials we use, selecting reliable suppliers, manufacturing methods and processes of high quality, ensuring the safety of employees, reducing waste, energy efficiency and controlling the quality of ready-made products. Fazer’s QEHS policy is behind all this.

Our quality work

Our quality control is guided by the AIB and FSSC 22000 quality control systems. AIB (American Institute of Baking) is an expert organisation in our field whose quality requirements mostly evolve round practical work. The AIB standard requires maintaining a high level of cleanliness, maintenance of buildings and equipment and pest control taken into action. International auditors evaluate the level of cleanliness and order of our production every year.

FSSC 22000 helps us maintain an advanced quality control system. We take care of the quality and reliability of our raw materials, suppliers and subcontractors and of managing any risks related to them. On an annual basis, the coverage of our operations, maintenance of instructions and targets, keeping the skills of our employees up-to-date and the quality of our entire operations are assessed, considering constant changes in the world and our customers’ diverse requirements.

Our hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) covers our entire operations from raw materials, suppliers and production all the way to ready-made products, their storage and delivery. Our risk assessment also includes an assessment of potential fraud and threats related to our operations. The risks are evaluated by a trained HACCP team.

Traceability is part of Fazer Mills systematic quality processes. All our products and packaging and the raw materials we use are traceable. We take care of the reliability of the system by testing our traceability several times each year both ways: from raw material to customer and from ready-made product to the raw materials used to produce it.

Work to promote safety at work

The well-being of every employee is important to us. We have invested in maintaining safety at work by certifying our operations against the ISO 45001 standard. Our target is zero accidents at work, which we reached in 2019. Safety at work is maintained through regular risk assessments but, to us, what is most important is that every employee can participate in maintaining the safety and well-being at work. Our employees are trained on a regular basis and everybody can report any dangers or risks they see, also anonymously.

Sustainability at Fazer

In 2018, we revised and updated our sustainability approach to better support our transformation into a leading, modern sustainable food company with a joint direction. We chose four Core goals to crystallise our ambitious direction towards 2030: 50 % less emissions, 50 % less food waste, 100 % sustainably sourced and more plant-based. Read more about Fazer's sustainability goals here.