Our new ingredients include oat beta glucan, oat protein and oat oil. All natural, plant-based and good for the heart. They are based on a Finnish innovation and patented, cutting-edge technology. These oat ingredients enable boosting nutritional content in food applications and can significantly improve the positive health effects in them. They are excellent ingredients for breakfast products, smoothies, drinks, food supplements, biscuits, snack bars and cosmetics. 

Fazer Aurora Oat Beta Glucan

Fazer Aurora Oat Beta Glucan is Fazer Mills’ oat-based solution using a patented natural dry fractionation process to deliver the purest, most nutrient-rich and neutral tasting end products. It's completely natural way to add oat benefits to wide range of foods, drinks and supplements. Our Oat Beta Glucan’s clean and natural taste makes it an ideal way to incorporate the goodness of oats into a product to support health claims.

  • Recognised heart, cholesterol level and digestive benefits
  • Easy to use in a manufacturing process
  • Different particle sizes for varying applications
  • Clean tasting with a neutral colour
Fazer Aurora Oat Protein

Aurora Oat Protein provides an easy-to-use high-quality protein, perfect for enriching your food and drink products. In addittion to cereal bars and bakery products, it's perfect ingredient for sports nutrition, meat-free meal ranges and drink applications. Oat Protein concentrates are produced with patented dry fractionation process to deliver an effective and powerful plant protein source.

  • Naturally balanced amino acid profile
  • Suitable for dairy-free and vegan diets
  • Mixable – smaller particles make it ideal for beverages
  • Low oil concentration – products last longer on shelf
Fazer Aurora Oat Oil Pure

Fazer Mills' oat-based solution is naturally and carefully extracted from high quality Finnish oats by using a solvent-free and ecofriendly CO2 extraction. Fazer Aurora Oat Oil Pure is a completely natural way to add oat benefits to cosmetic and personal care products. The versatile ingredient naturally moisturises and soothes skin as well as strengthens hair. Our oat oil is anti-irritant and hypoallergenic which makes it suitable for problematic and sensitive skin.

  • Naturally rich in Omega-6 and vitamin-E
  • Neutral colour
  • Easy to use in a manufacturing process
  • Suitable for a wide range of product applications: cleansers, moisturisers and hair treatments

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For more information about special oat ingredients, contact Markku Mikola.