Mixes and bread improvers

Fazer Mills offers several bread and coffee bread mixes, bread improvers and blends. Everything is made from single components and high quality raw materials in our mixing unit in Lahti. Our product range is wide but we also are pleased to create customized solutions to fit customers’ specific criteria. 

Bread mixes

Our diverse bread mix selection includes products to suit every taste. We have several mixes for dark, white, oat and multigrain breads which can be baked in forms like toasts, rolls, loafs and portion breads. Now Fazer Mills has created a premium artisan selection for both industrial and hand baking. 
Fazer Mills bread mixes


Coffee bread mixes

With our high quality coffee bread mixes you complete your product assortment in a sweet way. Please explore our delicious selection of muffins, pies, cakes, cookies and doughnuts in the catalogue below. 
Fazer Mills coffee bread mixes


Bread improvers

Fazer Mills' bread improver range offers creative solutions for both baking process and finished products. With our bread improvers you can improve for example product’s freshness, softness and volume. We also have a selection for organic and clean label products, frozen baking and rich doughs.
Fazer Mills bread improvers

Blends and other mixes

We have several mixtures of seeds and flakes for decorating the baking products. With the help of these blends, Fazer Mills customers can achieve different, tasty product variations. 
Fazer Mills blends and other mixes